A Study Day for SLTs Supporting Assistants

A focused Study Day exploring the role of the SLT as supervisor, manager, leader when working with Support Practitioners

The many & varied roles of the assistant practitioner

During a survey in 2019 many SLTs said they would welcome more support and training around developing assistants through work based learning.

This course was developed to meet that need.

This  course is designed for SLTs who support Assistant Practitioner’s in their role. There is a focus on new frameworks for Competency Development and an introduction to the HEE/RCSLT Support Worker Learning Model and Framework.

Also a sharing of expertise through networking during the Study Day.

The RCSLT framework for supporting the development of Assistant Practitioners will be launched in late 2022

Learning Themes

The following topics are explored during the day

  • Background and 2019 survey
  • Supporting Assistants – What do  Assistants say about what they need?
  • Barriers & Complications – What do SLTs say?
  • The AHP Support Worker Competency, Education and Career Development Framework (2021)
  • The RCSLT Support Worker Framework (PCDF)
  • Risk assessing individual roles
  • A Framework for Learning and Development
  • Work Based Learning
  • Reflective Practice – refresher on reflective models
  • Logging Learning effectively
  • Core Competencies Profile
  • Clinical Competencies – specific for SLT
  • Adapting Competency Profile to a specific job role
  • Taking on the role of Competency Coach
  • Themes in development, support and supervision

The emphasis on this course is on putting the RCSLT framework into practice in a busy workplace within the realities of limited time resource. These is opportunity to share experiences and ideas in small groups.

Spotlighting Course Content

Find out about Work Based Learning and empowering assistant practitioners to become self sufficient in their learning and development. How to set up a system for learning and support so that there is minimal pressure within busy teams.

Explore the role of Competency Coach and how to guide and plan the process of choosing learning goals and extending a practitione strengths.