Ruth’s Book

Reflective Clinical Supervision in Speech and Language Therapy: Strengthening Supervision Skills

On 31 Oct 22 Ruth at ARCs book on Supervision in SLT was published by Routledge/Speechmark. The content does, of course, inform the content of the courses offered at ARC.

This book de-mystifies supervision in speech and language therapy, focusing on the practicalities and pitfalls. Clinicians are encouraged to reflect on their individual style as a supervisor and the tools they utilise to make a successful supervisory relationship.

Drawing on previous experience, Howes offers a combination of reflective, solution-focused, and strengths-based approaches, covering topics such as:

  • The importance of the supervisory conversation
  • Ways to ensure conversations are reflective and appreciative, supportive yet challenging
  • The training needed to be effective supervisors and ‘good supervisees’
  • The functions of supervision and how these change over time for each clinician, from learning new clinical skills to support in time and energy management
  • Practical resources for busy clinicians, making it a manual of insights and support for supervision in SLT