CPD Workshop – Visiting the HEE/RCSLT Support Workers Framework

Introductory Guide to the HEE/RCSLT Support Workers Framework

As the professional body for speech and language therapy, the RCSLT recognises that there is a role in driving standards and practice development around the role of the Assistant in SLT  

RCSLT 2022

This workshop focuses on the new framework for support and development of Assistant Practitioners in SLT. This framework is available in the new Assistant’s Hub on the RCSLT website (link for RCSLT members).

Please Note:The Framework is due to be launched formally after liaison with Health Education England (HEE) other AHP professions about the name of this valued role in the SLT workforce.

Go on a Guided Tour of the Framework – stopping off to explore the different components

  • Introduction to the Framework
  • Its Background & Development
  • The Visual Model/Representation
  • The Competency profiles
  • The Tools in the Toolkit
  • Demonstrating Competencies effectively
Go on a Guided Tour of the Framework

During this  Workshop you find out about its underlying learning theory and spend time ‘getting to know’ the visual representation (which gives a handy, memorable summary of the framework). 

The Competencies in the framework were developed by an RCSLT project group and agreed following national consultation.

The Core Competencies give a foundation stone to the Framework and closely align with the new HEE Framework for all AHP professions (2022). Click below to explore the HEE Framework.

The Clinical Competencies are an SLT professionally focused set of competencies. They form an extension of the Core Competencies (which are generic across all the Allied Health Professions).

These are based on the skills an assistant needs to acquire in Communication Skills, Clinical Knowledge, Quality/Governance support and being a Reflective Learner through daily practice. Overall, this set of competencies is about being a Reflective Lifelong Learner.

Building a Firm Framework

The accompanying Toolkit provides practical tools, including both Competency Profiles and a Sign Off sheet for those who have already acquired these competencies.

The Workshop covers what ‘true’ work based learning (wbl) involves & ways of demonstrating competencies effectively e.g. keeping a Learning Log, Reflective Journal or Portfolio.


By following the HEE/RCSLT Support Workers Framework, those working as an Assistant Practitioner will:

• Have a clearly defined career pathway, which will motivate individuals to both apply for and stay in the role

• Be more motivated to excel in the role through the continued structured development of skills and knowledge

• Benefit from better structure and direction in supervisions through regular short and long-term goal setting

• Have clearer communication and working relationships with SLTs and the wider multidisciplinary team (MDT) due to more understanding of the role and responsibilities

• Feel more valued, both in their role overall, and with their individual progression

• Develop competency and confidence in their work due to ongoing development of knowledge and skill”

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