Bitesize E-Learning

For Assistants & SLTs managing / leading Assistants

This series of short courses provides an introduction and grounding to the HEE/RCSLT Support Workers Framework.

A Series of E Learning Short Courses is anticipated to be available from 1 January 2023.

This is currently known as the APPF (Assistant Practitioner Professional Framework) but the title may change in the months ahead to Support Worker Professional Framework.

Introductory Guide to the Framework

HEE/RCSLTs Professional Development Framework for Therapy Assistants

(currently known as APPF)

This e course is an introduction to the Framework – the background and development. The Toolkit and Competency Profiles are showcased.

Exploring the Framework

Explore HEE/RCSLT Framework in greater depth

This e course goes into greater detail about the learning model, underlying theory and its Visual Representation.

The Core Competency Profile

How to demonstrate skills & competencies

This is about the Core Competencies Framework for Support Workers across all professions.

*Health Education England

Clinical Competency Profile.

This e course focuses on Clinical Competencies.

These were developed by RCSLT project as an extension to the Core Competencies.

The Clinical Competencies are SLT related across the 8 HEE domains

AHOW TO” guide to Work Based Learning

Often we pay lip service to work based learning via reflective practice. Evidence tells us this is an effective approach to developing in role. This e course explores W B L – it is a ‘How to’ guide.

Demonstrating your Competencies – the practical tools

This e course carries on the series by focusing on how to demonstrate competencies effectively. Focusing on reflective writing with a practical guide.

Keeping a Learning Log, Reflective Journal or Portfolio. The RCSLT Diary can be used by Assistants who are members and this also features in the content.

Access to course materials for 6 months.