About ARC

The ARC Philosophy – How ARC came about

Appreciative, Reflective Conversations

After moving to Independent Practice I increasingly began to offer supervision services to colleagues. As this extended I decided this section of my practice needed its own identity (brand) and this became ARC Supervision https://arcsupervision.com/

In reflecting on this new development I had to choose a name. My clinical practice was called Communicology as I am totally committed to therapy support being focused on wider communication with an individual’s enviroment. While scribbling down ideas I had the opportunity to re-visit my values as a therapist and trainer. I advocate Reflective practice in professional development. I have struggled at times with my own resilience in the face of organisational change, so I bring in restorative resilient supervision whenever appropriate. As a manager and leader in the NHS I followed the work of Diane Whitney and Appreciative Leadership and was able to attend training in Appreciative Leadership and using this as a coaching and development tool. This came together as the AR of ARC Supervision – Appreciative, Reflective supervision.

I work through Guided Conversations using appreciative, solution focused and reflective questioning…..Conversations are an incredibly undervalued tool in developing people. So C for Conversation! ARC Supervision is an approach which I developed over time working with colleagues in my teams in the NHS – SLTs, OTs, Physios and Special School Nurses.

When I took the decision to extend the Training I offered into ARC Academy (and it took several months to decide to ‘jump in’)I adapted the C to stand for CPD.

The ARCs approach is a strong belief that learning develops through experience and this is strengthened by the support of an experienced, skillful supervisor or trainer. Practitioners need opportunities to talk and space to reflect. There also needs to be structure when we are developing competencies and as adult learners we seek training which relates to our professional roles and is ‘real and relevant’.

So ARC Academy has an Appreciative, Reflective approach to professional training and development and lifelong learning – Continuing Professional & Personal Development. This underpins all the courses in the ARC Portfolio.