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  • List of Supervisors demonstrating competencies in supervision
  • Access to annual ARC Supervisor’s Network Study session

Skilled Supervisors committed to Strengthening Skills through CPD

Supervision skills are developed with experience. Each SLT Supervisor’s training differs at this point in time. Many NHS Trusts offer in house training opportuties. Often initial Safeguarding Supervision training covers knowledge and skills in reflective practice and supervision. Sometimes in SLT we widen our Supervisor’s competencies through training in counselling, personal construct psychology (PCP), Acceptance & Committment Therapy.

My own training and development was a combination of in house courses, external training where there is overlap (Advanced Supervision, Positive Psychology, Counselling for SLTs basics, ACT etc). In addition study as part of a Master of Arts in Professional Training and Development with a focus on Mentoring.

The Network

It seems important to have a network of supervisors who can contact and support each other. ARC is embarking on setting up a network of supervisors. In order to be on the Network list the practitioner needs to complete and return a brief summary of experience to show there has been committment to actively being a supervisor and engaging in learning and development in this field.

ARC offers training in Clinical Supervision – knowledge, reflective models, varying approaches such solution focused, appreciative support. However this is not a pre-requisite for joining the Supervisor’s Network.

So, we develop and grow in role, learning the theory, being mindful of new developments and practical learning by supervising, leading or managing people. Each route to becoming a supervisor is different. This may change in the future but this is the current reality.

Ruth at ARC has written a book (published in October 2022 by Speechmark) about Reflective Clinical Superivison in SLT and Strengthening Supervision skills. This project was undertaken as there is little available specifically for Speech and Language Therapy practitioners about clinical supervision.

List of Experienced Clinical/Professional Supervisors

Supervisor’s can ask for their name and details to go on a section of this website so colleagues can approach them about potential supervision.

Clinical Supervisor’s Network Study Session.

ARC will be offering an Clinical Supervisor’s Network Study Session.This is a new initiative but the content will be co-ordinated and led by Ruth at ARC with information about latest developments e.g. new publications, research, presentations and opportunity to share experience and expertise with colleagues.

Join the ARC Supervisor’s Network

If you would like to join the Supervisor’s Network then send an email to ARC at Givine a brief outline of your enthusiasm, study/training and experience as a supervisor. The committment at ARC is to quality in supervision, while valuing experience and work based learning in SLT. For guidance:

ARC Supervisor’s Network Skills Inventory includes:

Essential skills/experience

  • A basic introductory course in supervision
  • Having an individual Toolkit of skills such as active listening, careful questioning, using reflective models, coaching approaches, knowledge about stress and resilience
  • Experience supervising colleagues/people 1 to 1
  • Evidence of keeping skills sharp e.g. reading, attending seminars

Desireable Skills /experience

  • For those leading Group Supervision to have competencies in group process and experience of leading groups

ARC Supervisor’s Network Online Study Session

The first Supervisor’s Study Workshop will be in June/July (tba) 2023 with a reduced cost for those in the Network. Further details to follow.